ENNA and Rimac Energy Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Sustainable Energy Solutions

ENNA has formed a strategic partnership with Rimac Energy, a pioneer in advanced energy storage systems, to enhance sustainable energy solutions.

Birmingham (UK), 18th September 2023 - ENNA, a prominent investor and rapidly expanding energy company in Croatia, has formed a strategic partnership with Rimac Energy, a pioneer in advanced energy storage systems, to enhance sustainable energy solutions. 
At the heart of the agreement lies both companies' commitment to pioneering innovative energy solutions, with ENNA harnessing the potential of renewable resources including wind and solar energy, and RIMAC Energy storing and later delivering this energy via its state-of-the-art ESS.
This deal represents a concerted shift toward clean, renewable power generation and storage solutions that benefit communities, businesses, and the planet, while also contributing to the acceleration of sustainable energy initiatives across Europe, starting from Croatia.
Both companies plan to launch initial pilot projects in 2024, establishing real-world testing grounds for sustainable energy practices that reduce carbon emissions, with a resolute commitment to pursuing additional projects beyond the pilot phase, including the deployment of up to 1 GW of energy storage systems.
Zoran Miliša, CEO of ENNA Opskrba, commented:
“Rimac Technology is known for pushing the boundaries in the electric vehicle component industry, and now SineStack is setting out to introduce the next generation of energy storage systems. We could not wish for a better partner to realize our shared ambitions for sustainability and pioneering development of energy storage solutions in key markets in South East Europe. ENNA is a business system of a new generation, which is experiencing a green transition, and this is the best example of how ENNA Opskrba, with the proposed partnership, works with the aim of positioning renewable energy sources as a central part of the energy landscape of Croatia with the help of the latest energy storage technology."
Wasim Sarwar Dilov, Director of Rimac Energy, commented:
“We’re excited to launch SineStack, Rimac Energy’s first flagship product for the utility-scale and C&I energy storage markets. SineStack is the result of a clean-sheet design in hardware and software and multiple years of R&D. It pushes the limits of what grid-tied batteries can offer customers. We’re delighted to partner with ENNA to bring our first products to market, accelerating the deployment of clean, renewable, resistant and low-cost energy in Southern and Eastern Europe. We can’t wait to see SineStack in customers’ hands across Europe and we are ramping up our European production to meet demand."
State-of-the-art energy storage technology
ENNA & Rimac Energy partnership was announced at Birmingham Tech Week, the UK’s largest regional tech festival and conference. During Birmingham Tech Week, Rimac Energy also presented the innovation SineStack, its most advanced battery system for energy storage. The SineStack is a technological powerhouse; the clean-sheet design contains innovations that push down the levelized cost of storage, increase round-trip efficiency and greatly improve energy stored per square meter. 
For more details on SineStack technology follow the link
About Rimac Energy:
Rimac Energy is a sub-brand of Rimac Technology, headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, with additional offices in Witney, Oxfordshire. As part of the broader Rimac Group, the stationary energy storage arm of Rimac Technology specializes in advancing Energy Storage Systems (ESS) technology, designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative stationary ESS solutions entirely within Europe. Rimac Energy's primary mission is to accelerate the transition to clean and sustainable energy by delivering high-efficiency ESS solutions that contribute to a more resilient energy landscape.
About ENNA:
ENNA is a leading investor and a rapidly growing energy company in Croatia, committed to knowledge, innovation, and development. ENNA offers economically viable and efficient energy solutions with an emphasis on renewable energy sources, primarily solar power plants and geothermal sources. In addition to the energy sector, ENNA develops business in the sectors of transport, logistics, and food production and distribution.