PPD ESCO renovates the building complex of the Varaždin General Hospital

Varaždin, June 14 2016 - An agreement was signed today for the energy renovation of the complex of buildings of the Varaždin General Hospital. The energy renovation will be carried out by PPD ESCO, member of the Energia Naturalis Group. PPD ESCO was chosen through an open public procurement procedure, based on the criteria of the economically most favourable offer in the invitation for tenders published on December 30 2015.
In the presence of the Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Lovro Kuščević, the agreement was signed by the acting director of the General Hospital Sanja Zember, a member of the Managment Board of PPD ESCO Damir Spudić and the director of the Agency for Transactions and Mediation in Immovable Properties (APN) Goran Bradić.
"The doors and windows on all buildings will be replaced and a new facade built. The roof will be replaced on the Neurology building, new boiler rooms installed in the Surgery and Internal Medicine buildings; heat pumps will also be installed, the lofts will be isolated and all lighting fixtures replaced by LED lights. After the completion of the work, the annual savings will amount to three to four million kunas, that is to say 8,650,000 kWh of energy will be saved" – stated Spudić for the media.
PPD ESCO will invest 67 million kunas into the energy renewal, and the investment will be recuperated through the achieved energy savings, that is to say, the energy renewal will be carried out in line with ESCO's model that demands the achievement of provable savings in energy costs. The programme is monitored by the Ministry of the Economy, and implemented by APN, while the means for co-financing are provided by the Fund for the Preservation of the Environment and Energy Efficiency (FZOEU). PPD ESCO is investing money and taking on the technical and economic risk of the project, while FZOEU will co-finance 40% of justified expenses after the buildings obtain energy certificates and the energy savings are confirmed. The client ordering the energy renovation will pay the cost to the provider of energy renovation work from the savings achieved over the following 14 years.

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