The PPD Group consists of private Croatian companies from Vukovar that are involved in the import, sale, supply and distribution of natural gas.

The PPD Group has its headquarters in Vukovar, Croatia, and companies in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia from which it operates throughout Europe.
Since Croatia cannot produce enough natural gas from its own resources, PPD's cooperation with strong international partners provides the Croatian market with a secure and reliable supply of natural gas. Furthermore, PPD has secured storage capacities for natural gas both in Croatia and abroad that enable the storage of gas when the price is favourable thus guaranteeing the supply of the required amounts of gas at all times.

We base our cooperation with our partners on honesty and quality, aiming at establishing long-term relationships.

In our everyday operations we cultivate a direct approach and accessibility, and by investing in the know-how of our employees we develop experts whose ideas make PPD one of the most stable companies in the region.
PPD owns the concession for the distribution of gas in the town of Vukovar and nine municipalities in the Vukovar-Srijem County (Bogdanovci, Borovo, Tompojevci, Negoslavci, Tovarnik, Nijemci, Markušica, Tordinci and Trpinja), and is the exclusive owner of the distribution network that was built wholly through private investment. PPD controls, maintains and develops 595 kilometres of gas pipelines. 10,594 consumers have been connected to the network at no charge.
PPD's customers are the largest business and industrial consumers, as well as the largest suppliers in the distribution areas.
PPD is registered with the Croatian Operator of the Energy Market (HROTE) as the leader of the balance group, and is fully authorised to import natural gas. It imports natural gas to both of Croatia's interconnectors (Rogatec and Drávaszerdahely).
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