PPD Transport delivers the first train to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zagreb, January 11 2017 - PPD Transport, the first private Croatian rail cargo company delivered its first train to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the night between Monday and Tuesday. It is the first time that a private transport company delivered a train to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
PPD Transport's train carried coal from Ostrava in the Czech Republic for the GIKIL factory in Lukavac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After lengthy negotiations and providing proof that PPD Transport meets safety norms in line with EU standards, two months ago it signed contracts with both railway authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina - The Republic of Srpska Railways and the Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus enabling yesterday's landmark moment for both countries and for all three companies involved.
A little over two years ago PPD Transport became the first private Croatian company that began operating on the open market for rail cargo transport after Croatia joined the European Union. By delivering the first private cargo train to Bosnia and Herzegovina, PPD Transport began a new era in the development of Croatian railway transport to our neighbours..
PPD Transport is truly satisfied with the beginning of its cooperation with our neighbours and the unexpectedly large increase in the volume of transport, so that it is planning to order additional Siemens Vectron electric locomotives, the most modern and most powerful locomotive on European tracks, and it also plans to employ additional workers in Croatia.
PPD Transport is a member of the Energia Naturalis (ENNA) Group, whose companies are involved in the distribution and supply of natural gas, trade in petroleum products, investment projects, transport and information and communications technologies.

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