Enna Fruit is a leading company in Croatia and the region for market supply, organization of production, purchase, distribution and processing of fruits and vegetables.

The company was founded in 2020, and its main activity is the organization of fruit and vegetable production through cooperative relations, with the aim of connecting primary agricultural production and the market. The primary focus is the purchase of domestic fruits and vegetables. The company has purchasing centers in Donji Miholjac, Lozan, Opuzen and Varaždin, as well as a distribution and logistics center and headquarters in Dugo Selo.
Enna Fruit is one of the largest suppliers of bananas and citrus for the market in Croatia and the region, and in addition to Croatia, it has companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.
Enne Fruit's customers are the largest retail chains in Croatia, and it also cooperates with chains in Slovenia, BiH and Serbia, as well as in the markets of Central Europe.

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