New president of the Management Board

As of 1 July 2023, the management board of Energia Naturalis d.o.o. (ENNA) is chaired by a new president, with Mr Boštjan Napast taking over from Mr Pavao Vujnovac.

As of 1 July 2023, the management board of Energia Naturalis d.o.o. (ENNA) is chaired by a new President of the Management Board, with Mr Boštjan Napast taking over from Mr Pavao Vujnovac. 
Mr Vujnovac remains the owner of all companies within the group, but he has decided to withdraw from the duties of their day-to-day management and the position of the president of the management board of PPD. 
Mr Damir Spudić, CFO, is also leaving his position in Energia Naturalis. Mr Vujnovac and Mr Spudić are to maintain supervising duties in ENNA, as they do in other companies and projects in which Mr Vujnovac is the chief investor.
The shift in the head office of ENNA reflects a modified structure of the corporation as ENNA prepares for its first IPO and over one billion Euro cycle of investments. In ENNA, a diversification of business operation started six years ago when the company invested in new business areas and intensified the operation of corporate divisions harmonized with EU goals of achieving low-carbon environment in renewable energy sources, transportation, logistics and food. These processes are also complemented by recruitment of numerous new staff.
Boštjan Napast has a degree in mechanical engineering and many years of professional experience in managing energy and logistics industries. His professional career started in 1995, when he was chief designer of engineering installations. For over 10 years, Mr Napast worked for the Petrol Company, starting as a sales representative and advancing to the position of a board member in charge of energy, investment, technical development and quality. He has successfully completed an extensive process of restructuring, digitalization and business process optimization in Petrol. In 2011, Mr Napast took over the leading position in the Geoplin Company, transforming a local company into a successful and large regional company over a period of ten years.
In late 2021, Mr Napast was appointed president of the management board of Luka Koper. During his office, the port in Koper had record business results despite the economy crises caused first by the pandemics and then by the war in Ukraine. 
“I am looking forward to working in such an enterprising corporation as ENNA. We will be facing many challenges; we will need to learn, explore new technologies, and tackle many ambitious and pioneering projects. It will be very exciting and I am very much looking forward to that. I am confident that together we shall create great things. I wish us all success and good fortune“, said Boštjan Napast, President of the Management Board of ENNA Group. 
“For a long time I have been wishing to bring someone like Boštjan on board. I am very pleased that favourable circumstances made it possible for him to join us and make my wish come true. He is a top professional with massive experience in the energy business as well as great results in the logistics business. I am extremely appreciative of his professional abilities and personal qualities and convinced that he is exactly what we needed to bring our ambitions plans to fruition. I have great confidence in him as leader of the ENNA Group, and he will be afforded every kind of support by me and the whole system”, said Pavao Vujnovac, owner and former President of the Management Board of ENNA. 
Earlier this year, Mr Mate Žužić also joined ENNA Group as Chief Financial Officer. Mr Žužić was educated in the US. He was a Fulbright scholar who started his professional career in Cleveland, Ohio as investment banking analyst. He was also vice-president of Townsend Group, a global real estate advisor and property manager covering 119 billion dollar property as consultant and 24 billion dollar property as property manager. During one year, he served as consultant for McKinsey & Company in Zagreb, a global management consulting company providing services to a broad spectrum of private and public clients. Shortly before joining ENNA, Mr Žužić worked as Investment Manager for Lukšić Group, the unique shareholder of Plava Laguna, Jadranski Luksuzni Hoteli and Excelsa Nekretnine.
Ms Sabina Škrtić will remain a member of ENNA Management Board in charge of corporate relations and business support and continue her undertaking of building ENNA as a modern European green company.
As announced earlier, PPD and its daughter companies in other countries (the PPD Group) will no longer be part of ENNA Group: they joined Blue Horizon, a company exclusively owned by Mr Pavao Vujnovac and based in Vukovar. 
Ms Antonija Glavaš and Ms Ivana Ivančić continue to lead PPD as members of the Management Board of Prvo Plinarsko Društvo (PPD).