New stage of testing for the project for remote reading of gas meters in Vukovar

A new stage of testing for the project of remote reading of gas meters is underway in Vukovar

Vukovar, October 12 2016. - After upgrading 7 gas metres by installing remote reading equipment, yesterday saw a new stage in the testing of remote reading of gas meters.
This is a project undertaken by PPD Distribution that includes installing devices into gas metres that automatically send gas consumption data to PPD. The data for the hourly consumption is read every day at 6 in the morning for the previous day.
The first seven such gas metres are located in the town of Vukovar in a residential house, as well as in the Homeland War Memorial Centre.
The aim of the project is for PPD to obtain directly and as quickly as possible the data concerning hourly consumption. The idea behind this is to ultimately cover the entire distribution network - both home users and businesses.
The collected data will allow us to determine the manner and speed in which users react to changes in weather conditions. They will also enable a speedier collection of payments due, since it will greatly simplify the process of accurately recording readings. All the data for consumption for the entire previous month will be available on the first day of the new month at 6 AM.
Along with many other advantages, the system will also allow the supplier to cut supply to those behind with their payments without the need of entering their premises.
The completion of this project will also enable the harmonisation of the withdrawal of gas from our distribution system with the amounts that Plinacro records at the point of entry in a much shorter period of time.