The New Tomorrow Foundation invites applications for 20 student scholarships for 2017/2018

Zagreb, Saturday May 10 2017 – The New Tomorrow Foundation announced that it is inviting applications for student scholarships for 2017/2018. The scholarships are aimed at promoting higher education in the STEM sector, and the applications can be made not only by students at science and technical schools, but also by those studying economics and law.
Education in the STEM sector is the basis of all economies in the world. In recent years we have seen a line of revolutions that are founded on robotics and technology... If we fail to adapt to this situation, Croatia will greatly lag behind, there will be an even greater exodus of the young generation. The only way we can prevent this is to strengthen the STEM sector. This is why the increase in scholarships in this segment is so vital, says Tome Antičić, PhD, head of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, who is also a member of the Board of the New Tomorrow Foundation.
In view of the growing trend of migration from Slavonia, the scholarships are aimed at students who reside in any of the five counties of Slavonia: the County of Vukovar and Srijem, the County of Osijek and Baranja, the County of Požega and Slavonia, the County of Brod and the Sava Region or the County of Virovitica and the Drava Region. Additional points will be given to students that are not studying in Slavonia since we can assume that their living expenses are greater.
We focussed on the five counties from Slavonia in order to make life easier for our students regardless of where they attend school in Croatia. We will take into account excellence, and this is why we are awarding scholarships to second-year students taking bachelor's courses, taking into account their first year results. The aim of the New Tomorrow Foundation is to motivate students to continue their education to a higher level and to remain in Croatia, explained Davor Relatić from the New Tomorrow Foundation from Vukovar. If those receiving scholarships achieve very good grades for the year, the Foundation will continue giving them a scholarship and, after completing their studies, depending on staff requirements, they might be eligible for a job in one of ENNA's companies.
Through this scholarship programme the Foundation will award 20 scholarships in the amount of 1,500 kunas per month that will be paid in ten equal instalments during the course of the year.
The invitation for scholarship applications can be found on the web and applications need to be made online.

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