Enna Group

What do we do?

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  • leader on the Croatian natural gas market
  • present on the regional market in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia


  • a company involved in rail cargo transport
  • the benefits of an excellent geographic location situated at the intersections of the most important pan-European transport routes
  • provides services of organising transport throughout Europe
  • rolling stock made up of the most modern locomotives on European tracks guarantees a reliable and quality level of service


  • trade in commodities
  • supply and delivery of raw materials for industries operating on the markets in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia


  • services that include the creation and support for ICT systems with special emphasis on the segment of infrastructure services
  • the implementation of third-party business application solutions
  • the development of proprietary programming solutions

Our hiring policy and the treatment of employees is based on the principles of developing quality team relationships, as well as encouraging individual qualities and the creativity of employees.

Care for the environment

Preserving the environment is high on the list of priorities of our group, and this, together with the establishing of long-term and secure relationships with our partners, our flexibility, accessibility and active investment into the community, represents one of the most important principles that guide our operations.

We are of the opinion that through our responsible approach to operations we can initiate many positive changes that will, as their legacy, leave us with a healthier society and a cleaner planet.

By investing in the education of our employees, as well as in the most modern technology and the promotion of sustainable utilisation of resources in our everyday activities we are contributing to the long-term preservation of the environment and propagating the awareness of the importance of caring for a better tomorrow.