The Port of Ploče

The Port of Ploče is one of the most important strategic deep-water ports in the central Adriatic.

Its excellent transport links and favourable geostrategic location make it a natural hub, facilitating an efficient link between the Adriatic, the Mediterranean and Central Europe.

ENNA has completed the first stage of the construction of the petroleum products terminal, investing 170 million kunas.

The terminal is being developed as ATT (the Adriatic Tank Terminal). VTTI, one of the largest operators and owners of terminals for the storage of petroleum products in the world, and ENNA have signed a deal allowing VTTI to obtain a 70% share of the Adriatic Tank Terminal (ATT) in the Port of Ploče.
The first stage of ATT has already been completed: in September 2016 the construction of 50,000 cubic metres of capacity was completed for white petroleum products. The second stage of construction will ensure a capacity of more than 200,000 cubic metres for petroleum, as well as 60,000 cubic metres for the storage of liquified petroleum gas. This is the largest new project for the storage of liquified petroleum gas in the heart of the Adriatic. In future, additional space should enable the third stage of the project that would provide additional storage capacity of at least 100,000 cubic metres for petroleum products.
The distribution of petroleum products through the terminal in Ploče will ease the limitations that exist in connection with the distribution infrastructure for petroleum products and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) in the entire region, thus significantly contributing to the independence of the energy supply for the Republic of Croatia. After the completion of the work, the new terminal will enable a cheaper and safer import of petroleum products and LPG by sea, as well as the distribution of petroleum products to numerous markets in South-East Europe.